Are you experiencing symptoms of fatigue, low mood, lack of focus, or brain fog? Do you have celiac disease or do you have a genetic risk for celiac disease?

Find out which foods and lifestyle habits to prioritize for optimal gut health based on an easy finger prick test.

Order your at-home test today, and get your results within 10 business days. You’ll also receive prioritized recommendations and guidance from a registered dietitian.

Measures 11 gut health metabolites: Indole-3-propionic acid, indole-3-lactic acid, indole-3-acetic acid, tryptophan, serotonin, kynurenine, tyrosine, total indoxyl sulfate, xanthine, 3-methylxanthine, uric acid.
Results within 10 business days.
Finger prick collection method.
CLIA-certified labs.
Ages 18 and up.